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Sports Tracker for All Sports in de App Store.
Ready to have fun getting fit? Download Sports Tracker today and join the worlds first social sports app community. We want to give you the best sports app around, which is why were always working to bring you the features that you want the most.
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Sports Tracker kopen Microsoft Store nl-NL.
Track and analyze your performance, share workout data with your friends, and most important of all get fit and stay healthier. APP FEATURES Sports Tracker for Windows Phone 8 now comes with heart rate monitoring features in addition to the award-winning tracking capabilities: Track and analyze your performances, monitor your progress Train more effectively with help of heart rate functions Sports Tracker heart rate belt required Store all training data in your personal workout diary Keep track of everything from calories burned to average training speed and altitude Use maps, time and distance calculators Share workout data with other trackers on Sports Tracker and to Twitter and Facebook HEART RATE MONITORING Take your training to the next level with the Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor available separately at http// FREE ONLINE SERVICE AT WWW.SPORTS-TRACKER.COM Automatic backup of your workouts, detailed maps and analysis views, friends workouts and lots more together with the full-featured online service the Sports Tracker is one of the most powerful social sports tracking solution available for Windows phone.
Sports Tracker.
Sports Tracker Downloaden Gratis Sportactiviteiten App.
U kunt de app gebruiken wanneer u aan het hardlopen bent, maar ook wanneer u aan het fietsen, het lopen of zelfs wanneer u aan het golfen bent. Met Sports Tracker kunt u uw prestaties bijhouden van veel verschillende sporten, zodat u uiteindelijk ook een stuk efficiƫnter kunt sporten.

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